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The Line of Sight  Film is a feature film being produced in June of 2024. in Buffalo, NY by the indie film production company  Expressed Entertainment.  The film follows a young mother whose child is stolen from her and the aftermath of such a tragic loss.   As she is trying to pull her life back together,, her pst catches up to her, putting her on a collision course that can prove to be disastrous.   But who is in the wrong, depends on your line of sight.  


This film is based off of a short film Expressed Entertainment produced for the Buffalo 48 Hour Film Festival and it received honorable mention in five categories, nominated for the audience award and won best movie poster.  The feedback and people asking "What happens next?" and "Are you doing a feature-length version" prompted the writing team to get back in the writing room to do a feature length script. 


The script has been written, the characters have been cast, the date has been set.  All we need now is YOU!  That's right.  You can make this film come to life.  Your donation will help us produce a high quality film that will do more than entertain but shed light on the topic of abducted children and trafficking which is a problem In the city of Buffalo and around the world.


Join our team today by  visiting our Indiegogo fundraising campaign page via the link below or speaking with a member of the cast or crew you know and allow them to get credit for the amount they raise.  Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Your support will help purchase supplies, food for cast and crew, pay for locations, costumes, permits, help pay cast and crew, equipment and more.

What you will get in return:



Sightseer - $25

Perk: Special Thanks

    ●  Customized “Line of Sight” writing pen 

    ●  Your name will be featured in the “Special Thanks To” portion of the film's credits. 

    ●  Receive exclusive updates on the film's progress via email.


Visionary - $50
Perk: Digital Delights 

    ●  All Sightseer perks. 

    ●  Access to the digital download of the completed film upon its release. 

    ●  Special edition digital poster 

    ●  Access to behind-the-scenes content 

Explorer - $100
Perk: Cinematic Experience 

    ●  All Visionary perks. 

    ●  Receive a limited edition "Line of Sight" wall poster signed by the director. 

    ●  Access to a virtual Q&A session with the main cast and crew members. 


Trailblazer - $250

Perk: VIP Premiere Access

    ●  All Explorer perks. 

    ●  An exclusive access ticket to a virtual or local premiere event. 

    ●  Your name is prominently displayed in the top portion of the “Special Thanks To” section of the film’s credits.


Navigator - $500
Perk: Exclusive Merchandise Bundle 

    ●  All Trailblazer perks. 

    ●  Receive a customized "Line of Sight" merchandise bundle, including a t-shirt, mug, and “Line of Sight” sticker.


Vision Keeper - $1,000
Perk: Sponsored In-Part by Credit

    ●  All Navigator perks. 

    ●  Added to the “Sponsored In-Part By” list on the website and some promotional materials. (Personally or for a brand                   with prior authorization.) 

    ●  Invitation to a virtual meet-and-greet with key members of the cast and crew.


Line of Sight Patron - $2,500
Perk: Associate Producer Credit 

    ●  All Vision Keeper perks. 

    ●  2 tickets to a private cast, crew, and private investor screening with wine and refreshments. (Virtual live-only                                screening of the event for out-of-town Associate  producers/producers only.) 

    ●  Associate Producer Credit


Cinematic Maestro - $5,000 and above
Perk: Behind-the-Scenes Immersion 

    ●  All Line of Sight Patron perks. 

    ●  Exclusive behind-the-scenes visit during filming (travel and accommodation not included). 



Product/Business Placement- Promote Your Brand

Contact Expressed Entertainment, LLC at :


Scene Shaper - $2,500

    ●  In film product/business venue placement, 1 scene (per scene) 

    ●  Receive a customized "Line of Sight" merchandise bundle, including a t-shirt, mug, and “Line of Sight” sticker.


Cinematic Luminary - $5,000 

    ●  All Scene Shaper perks. 

    ●  30-second promo video featuring product/venue as placed/or visited in the film with the actor the product was  seen                  with or place the actor was seen in, for your use on social media produced by Expressed Entertainment LLC. 

    ●  Promotional consideration by “Your Brand/Establishment Here” on Line of Sight website and other social media                          outlets 



All virtual and live events will have pre-announced, dates and times. It is up to the contributors to make themselves available for those dates and times set. Expressed Entertainment LLC reserves the right to carefully select products that will be promoted in their films and on their website. Not all products will be accepted if they contradict Expressed Entertainment’s brand identity and the serious nature of the Line of Sight film. A limited number of products and/ or establishments will be selected for this opportunity.

Other relevant links are:

For any additional questions, please email us at THANK YOU.

Line of Sight Funding Campaign

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